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Roadmap To Extraordinary Results

The National Trial Lawyers
As a client, you will benefit from the fact that as a former government lawyer, Mr. Villegas developed many professional and personal relationships with Prosecutors and Judges throughout Southern California as he handled over 10,000 criminal cases.
We understand each client has unique concerns, goals and needs in connection with resolving their criminal case. Mr. Villegas will develop and implement an individual case plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. Unlike other lawyers, Mr. Villegas listens, respects and values the opinion of each client.
Certain cases cannot be resolved through negotiation and must proceed to jury trial to obtain the desired results for our clients. Lawyers are not created equal and most lawyers are not trial lawyers. However, Mr. Villegas is a proven trial lawyer who has consistently demonstrated an extraordinary ability to connect and persuade jurors, resulting in an overwhelmingly high percentage of favorable verdicts for our clients. In 2015, The National Trial Lawyers recognized Mr. Villegas as one of the top 100 criminal defense trial lawyers in California.

Client Testimonials

Mr. Villegas took over my case after another lawyer insisted that I take the prosecutor's plea deal. Mr. Villegas listened to my side of the story, investigated my case, and prepared the case for trial as I made it clear that I was not going to accept any offer. I was charged with two counts of resisting arrest. At trial Mr. Villegas was something else, he destroyed the three LAPD Officers from the 77th Street Division that testified against me. During Mr. Villegas' cross-examination of one of the Officers, the Judge even read the Officer his rights to remain silent and offered to appoint a lawyer to represent him after Mr. Villegas revealed that he had a cell phone video that showed that the Officer had perjured himself. It was great to see the Officer sweat on the witness stand in front of the jury. The jury returned not guilty verdicts on both counts!!! I will never use another lawyer besides Mr. Villegas, he is just awesome to watch in action and an even better person. Thanks Antonio!!!”
Antonio saved my life. That's right I was facing a life sentence in a 3rd strike case where I was accused of committing a home invasion robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. The supposed victim claimed I had snook into his apartment, stabbed him, pistol whipped him, and then stolen money and his 9mm handgun. The truth was that this person had pulled a gun out on me during a drug deal that went bad and I acted in self-defense when I attacked him with my knife to take his gun away and protect myself. The District Attorney offered me 14 years in prison before trial and I refused to take the deal. Antonio prepared my case and set it for trial. During trial it was a special sight to see as Antonio was the star in that courtroom the entire 2 weeks of trial. I owe him my life and I will never forget what you did for me Antonio, God Bless You.”
When I was 22 years old, in 1996, I plead guilty to a drug sales charge because my Public Defender told me I could never win at trial using a defense that the LAPD planted the drugs on me. After I plead guilty I was suppose to return for sentencing in March 1996, but I was scared and failed to return. 20 years later, I returned to Court to clear my arrests warrants and I hired Antonio Villegas to represent me. He interviewed me, explained his plan for the case, and walked me into court. Although the District Attorney urged the Judge to lock me up because I had disappeared for 20 years, Mr. Villegas convinced the Judge that the right thing to do was to let me remain out of custody.”
I am a tow truck driver and I had 3 open cases against me for providing unlawful towing services and a charge for taking a vehicle without the owner's consent. My cases were for violations in March 2015, May 2015, and July 2015. I hired Mr. Villegas because I was concerned that Legal Permanent Resident in the United States I could lose my legal status because of the car theft charge. Mr. Villegas knew just about every single prosecutor in the entire courthouse as everyone greeted him, shook his hand, and talked to him. Mr. Villegas was able to resolve all three of my cases by obtaining a deal for me which saved my green card. I plead no contest to a simply violation of the Los Angeles Municipal Code for offering services without a permit for 12 months informal summary probation and community service. All remaining charges were dismissed. Gracias Abogado Villegas!”
I committed a huge mistake when I falsely reported that my car was stolen to avoid paying the fees for having exceeded the allowable mileage on the car. I was arrested and I plead no contest and accepted an offer in December 2014 which required that I remain on probation for 2 years. In October 2015 I hired Mr. Villegas because I desperately needed my probation to be terminated early and for my case to be expunged. The reason is because the California Teaching Credentialing Board was reviewing my case and going to decide whether to revoke my Teaching Credential and I learned that actively being on probation would hurt my chances. Mr. Villegas prepared a Motion for Early Termination of Probation and Expungement. After only being on probation for 10 months, Mr. Villegas was able to get my probation terminated early and get my case expunged. I flew to Sacramento for my administrative hearing before the California Teaching Credentialing Board in November 2015 and I was able to obtain my Teaching Credential. My family and I are extremely grateful to Mr. Villegas for his help.”
Mr. E
I was accused of committing an armed robbery of a lunch truck. I was offered 2 years in State Prison in a plea deal and I was facing a maximum sentence of 5 years. Mr. Villegas investigated my case and was able to locate a key witness that no one knew about, an employee at the laundry mat next door to where the lunch truck parked. This witness had seen part of the incident between me and the lunch truck owner. Mr. Villegas brought the witness to court and made him available to the District Attorney for an interview. After, Mr. Villegas was able to get me the deal I wanted all along, which was to dismiss the felony robbery strike charge and I was released from county jail and given a time-served sentence and probation as I plead no contest to a charge of being an accessory. If I stay out of trouble during probation I can get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor and expunged from my record. Mr. Villegas is the best”
Frequent Questions

What are a lawyer's primary responsibilities?

Lawyers, by virtue of a state's bar admission, are expected to both uphold the law and protect the rights of their clients. In addition to actually knowing the law, particularly within his or her practice area, an attorney must be able to communicate clearly with their clients, work competently to resolve their clients needs, and be ethical in the performance of their overall handling of a case.

What do lawyers do? Do they spend most of their time arguing cases in court?

The practice of law is more than just appearing in court on behalf of a client. While there are many lawyers who argue cases before a judge, there are just as many lawyers who never step foot in a courtroom. But whether in or out of court, lawyers spend a great deal of time in an office handling a variety of tasks pertaining to their clients case - such as researching new developments in the law, preparing legal documents, and giving legal advice.

May I hire a non-lawyer for a legal problem?

It depends on the situation and the breadth of service, since only lawyers may practice law. Paralegals, for example, may represent you in certain situations involving complaints against a government agency (such as a dispute over Social Security benefits). You may also represent yourself in court, hire a notary public, or work with law students (under the supervision of a lawyer) under certain circumstances.

Why should I hire Antonio Villegas to represent me?

Throughout our 10 years of experience in the courts, our commitment and dedication to bringing justice to those who are most in need of it has inspired and motivated us to push forward and be a voice for those who are in most need of being heard. That is our promise that we bring to you, in and out of the courtroom.
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